Thursday, February 23, 2006


Yep this goes out to all of yous back in Manila. My day started with some good sounds… 80’s! a lot of erasure, speedwagon, van halen, those kinds of 80’s songs where I can just imagine Miké giving me a smug smile all the way from the bar wearing his famous “80’s boy” shirt. (Actually the thought of Miké and his smug smile… egad! creepy)

I got sucked into this strange blackhole where I thought I was going back home as if I was gone forever when I’ve been only gone for what… 2 months?! Get a kitkat stop sulking. Get kitkat later (mental note)

Home isn’t the same without the famous manileño sweat and chaos and insane friends. I miss everyone back home (uh oh I think I’m loosing my grip! I’m falling into that freaking infamous ditch of reminiscing! Oh no… here goes...) I miss the everyday drinking schedule (I’m not an alcoholic – I shit you not! This is social drinking - after work and looking for an excuse to not hear the mother nagging) I miss sitting by the small balcony at ana’s room, gina’s bed and how I become one with it and the way gina pressures me to taste anything and everything – “pare pare try this” TING! (damn oil!) I miss diane and how she’d just pass out anywhere and at any time til we kick her and give her new killer eyebrows. (hehehe labbyooo) I miss hearing mel say “fight c’mon let’s go” then starts laughing uncontrollably. Can I ever ever forget miko’s reindeer/kingkong/micheal Jackson dance?! How can I forget how everyone started to say NAW and MAW KITTY and BOT BOT over and over again cause of Cb chaves who now has hair?! Or bob singing the wrong lyrics –"always I wanna be with you and make a kid with you”, carlos and his elvis moves, OHANA!!! Fitz and his forever secret girlfiend cuuuhcaaah, I miss the whole procedure of getting mike reyes out of his house while kitty is barking profusely. I miss mon’s furby eyes and his good vibes philosophy of life at all times. owens you still are my favorite aerobics instructor who only dances at dawn! Shhhhh… the strange combination of craziness and seriousness of jingjong will forever be questioned til the day I leave this place. like snap you’re so serious, snap again you’re so crazy! I miss those Antioch days when blanco would get everyone confused about the time (freako!! It’s 3 o’clock.. in Abu Dhabi! Who does that?! Blancooo) and Miké and his giggles and enlightening convos… I could most definitely go through my phone book and enumerate what i miss about each and everyone of you but gimme a break i'm at work and i'm trying to remember things randomly!
am I missing out?? good gracious I hope not. I'm having such a great time wish you guys were here to share it with me..
I miss a lot of people, I miss home, I miss being around the people I grew up with.
I miss I miss I miss. Boo.

I think – why’d I have to go here and have to feel this, the feeling of missing the ones I love the most, all at the same time then I realize – I miss them I miss my bestest friends because my level of appreciation for them right now is even higher and way more magnificent. I may feel lost without them but I’m still living and making more friends... no cry hits cause I’m freeeeeeee, freeeee faaaaalllling.

Hit me. to the 80's and beyond!!!


Blogger SarahEliz said...

tell them to all come visit you here!! when the stress of being so far from home gets to you and you miss people like crazy, which inevitably happens from time to time when you are living abroad, just remember, madtown loves ya grace :)

5:17 PM  
Blogger Gracie said...

awwww thanks sarah :)

11:50 AM  
Blogger Katie80 said...

grace i love you! dog bites are sick.

12:12 PM  
Blogger Gracie said...

katie i love you too! never will i step foot in another dog bites or milio's.

9:56 AM  

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