Thursday, February 09, 2006

one alarm goes off ... 7am on the dot. slam that one down. second one goes off ... 7:30am. slam that one down unconsciously. suddenly the feeling of the sun ... omfg its 9:01 and counting.. wonderful late for work maybe if i can get myself out of bed i can get on the 9:28 just maybe ...
naaah ain't gonna happen, blanket over the head. morning ritual has to change, before i knew it i was sprinting out of the apartment at 9:55 and counting ... @#$%^& even though i was totally clueless in the morning i saw the fattest maya bird trying to eat a chip or something that looked like one.. hilarious. he was too fat to fly & he reminded me of mao. that darn fat cat apparantly he's eating and biting everything back home. i was admiring the fat bird and then my life flashed before my eyes, some dude almost ran me over with his bike. wonderful my morning is getting better. i could have thrown something at that idiot cause he didn't even say sorry, but then again i believe in karma. so i just walked away... as continued on my journey to the bus stop i come across a very ugly dog, i mean i've seen ugly dogs but they weren't tangible. i don't mean to be judgemental but my goodness that was hideous and everyone else on the sidewalk was gawking at the dog, it looked like a very old man with lots of hair on the face and on a leash? sound familiar? hohoho.
aha i see the numbr 5 at the corner, good eye sniper... feel the breeze get on that piece of transportation and get to work. then the pain hit me, my feeeeeeeet! WTF?! rewind 8 hours before 9am. aaaah lets cause a scene - bruni's dancing fiesta at kk, williams' white socks, eric's declaration that he was tired of drinking, shannon's free beer, sarah's self-conflict about getting home, ali's reaccuring i.d., and my feet.
i know that you're not supposed to wear heels more than 8 hours and i was wearing heels for more than 12 hours - not cool, my feet were literally drunk. and i kept pushing them to walk so i can get myself to bed and pass out, feet can no longer feel. fast forward to 3 hours after 9am, i look absolutely hideous. i'm wearing sneakers and i'm in business attire then again i do know its better than white socks and leather shoes.
yessssssir.. glamorous.
happy birthday speed, yes he's passed out with a spoon full of peanut butter :)


Blogger SarahEliz said...

sidenote to all who gave me shit (williams) for bailing early (midnight) last night - i *may* have still been a little drunk when i started work at 530 this morning....

5:27 PM  
Blogger Jenna V said...

I like your posts, but sometimes they make me feel like I just had a seizure

5:33 PM  

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