Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Simon says read the news?

According to them the following links are "Top Stories"
* Mystery object delays shuttle landing
* Two causes ruled out in death of Anna Nicole's son
* Iraq says judge ousted in Hussein trial
* Bush: Fighting extremism our 'calling'
* Tests may give clues in E. coli outbreak
* Leaders come to pope's defense
* Mom's body covered baby during machete attack
* Race may be motive in abortion kidnap case
* Smuggled, gloved apes forced to box
* Doctor accused of giving stripper a hand
* Mickey Hargitay, Mariska's dad, dead
* Doped 600-pound cow pulled from bottom of well
* CNN Wire: Latest updates on world's top stories

Three things that caught my eye.
Gloved apes
Doctor accused of giving stripper a hand
Doped 600-pound cow

What is the world coming to?


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