Tuesday, September 19, 2006

why is it cold?!

they say its going to snow tomorrow and that there will be patchy frosts tonight. WHY?!?!?!!!!

So at the request of this lady I am doing a pinky promise to myself to write some more. The past couple of months have been really busy for me especially at work. Since we've moved buildings, getting new interns, new projects, basically trying to be on top of things. Now (like RIGHT NOW) it's a bit toned down and I have energy to go out and play. (yeay-yeaaah) I went to yoga last night and felt so fresh and so clean after but when I woke up this morning.. I seriously thought I was 82 years old. Which I then remembered that I haven't worked out in almost a year, which is a really drastic change for me. I used go boxing, yoga, swimming, the works. I don't know what happened damn wisconsin cheese.
Well doesn't matter I'm getting back on track so that makes me feel better already! Woohoo.
I loved being lame with jenna last saturday and the occasional blurts of "OH YEAAAAH" and the epilectic like moves of this dude.

This week is the nearing of adulthood for this lady
and its also the grand fiesta of jenna
This is going to be hectic.


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