Tuesday, January 16, 2007

aaaaand i'm back

Manila Manila.. Manila Manila. Oh Manila.
Back to the lights, the chaos, the beeps, the glees.
It's good to be back home. The heat just hits you the moment you step out of the plane. Which reminds me, my plane ride was horrific. Absolutely horrific. The dude who was beside me... took of his shoes.. his feet.. were on display the whole 15 hours. Not the most friendly ride ever to Hongkong. Which by the time I had gotten there was too late for me to leave the airport since my flight was delayed for 2 hours. I merely had a good hour and a half to linger around in H.K.

The moment I had gotten "home" I knew I was in for another ride. Some things had changed, but what has changed grately is the way I see things now. It's not merely a "oh look the sky" its more of "OMFG look at the sky". I dont know but it seems like home but I just see it differently now. Things started to clear up I guess it happens when you're gone for 365 days.

I will miss the "quite quiet" (*ahem ahem*) life in Madison. The ability to just walk a couple of blocks and bother people or during my last month, turn around and bother Jenna the Jeneral. I will miss the massive mock whinings the guys would do of me. (I don't whine! maybe.. but still! I refuse to give in) Or walk down and just hang with the girls and watch T.V. - Fewd and Whine or even Bad girls (? Did I get that right?) Oh I'll miss random voicemails too.. So many things I miss already.

Well it's time for me to get my "life" in order here, phone, bank account, resume out the door, and the list goes on.


Blogger Jenna V said...

so, I will be emailing you soon. by the way, the verison of skype that is available for download...my computer refuses to open it, something about the Win32 application? damn it

12:39 AM  

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