Wednesday, January 31, 2007

pieces back to pieces

tomorrow i finally get to lounge at the beach and not hear anymore car horns at 3am. or the fact that theres a club at the street right behind my parent's condo so pumping music til 6am. Oh wow, it's really nice to be back.

A lot of people have asked me what's it like being back? Well it has its pros and cons.
Living in the U.S gave me more freedom in a sense that I had my own place, had my own schedule, could go anywhere without really asking for permission, no curfew, and the list goes on.
Here in Manila, it will always be home. Even if you have to rely on your parents so much (kinda gross), Sunday family dinners are always nice, or crash your best friends family dinner also is equally sweet. The idea of family here is overwhelming. It is to some sense heart warming.

My schedule these days include, calling for follow ups of the products of my destruction, such as the car, the phone, renewing the bank account, renewing this and that. It seems pretty idle and unproductive. But stepping up will come in a week. I've been giving the one month ultimatum of just "doing" nothing. All seems well then, outlines have been set up and plans for travel and plans for other things are definitely in the works. Kind of excited for February 12 to come. I'll be back to the productive ropes.

Oh yeah one best gift returning home, the yells and the hugs from friends (also the massive amounts of all kinds of drinks heading your way - at first its nice then later its a bit too obnoxious!)

At dawn I journey to a beach that shall be with 17 girls and exactly 6 guys. For once the girls over power the boys. Oh yeah.


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