Tuesday, February 20, 2007

series of events?

i finally make it to my dad's office (which is across the street).
i finally make it out of bed - last week.. I got allergies.. on my face.. allergic to the sunblock my mom gave me (thanks mom! I love you too)
i turn on the t.v. and it's the elections soon of the half bracket of senators, congressmans, councilors and everything. Manny Pacquiao (boxing dude) is running for congressman. I don't mean to diss the dude whom I'm sure is a really nice guy. But uhhh.. to be in congress don't you need to know the laws? His argument.. I want to help my people in the province.. Rrrrright. He actually didnt even finish high school so he recently took the national test to officially pass high school. All his life he's been boxing.. so now I'm cringing just thinking there is a possibility he will win. 5 minutes after.. an actor Richard Gomez too is running for Senator. Wtf? then another 5 minutes.. another actor Cesar Montano is running for Senator too. What is happening to my country!!! What really sucks is.. is that you know that are really capable smart brilliant people who you know can do a really good job. My generation has been taught that Education is the key to a better future. But what is this? I hate ranting on my blog but this is seriously too much for me to not say anything. Even my friends who wouldn't care less about politics are really concerned now. Again because we know the "masa", those people who live under the poverty line.. will vote of course for their favorite actor like in the Oscars and cheer for the boxing champ. And we're afraid that the Philippines will be once again ridiculed. oh pooey.

I've just realized I've been home for a month! Whoaaaa


Blogger alimadison said...

It's like how we looked after Ahhnold Schwartzenager (?) won. I miss you. A Lot.

10:35 PM  
Blogger Jenna V said...

oh don't worry about the philippines being ridiculed...we barely even hear about it when you have coups =)

I wish I could see the boxer's campaign slogans, I bet they're sweet. Love ya dear!

12:24 AM  

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