Sunday, October 21, 2007


i am grateful that dody is a tech god and he has fixed my blog problems. I salute you sir!

couple of things,

sorry for not being able to give on the spot updates, blogger wasn't being very nice to me for the past month strangely.
lots of things, first my page for the jim beam promo came out, not as i really expected it but all the more i feel good about it. my sister got married, big production style, thought i was going to jump off a building cause it was just chaotic.
three, bombing at the shopping mall near my place and near my office (i live on the south of the road, while the mall is technically on the north of this avenue). First we heard it was a gas leak, then its pretty much confirmed its a bomb. Not to worry, its happened before but not this big. Kinda disappointed it happened cause alot of things will be affected such as the tourism industry that the government really worked hard for. Some people are just selfish. Prayers have been said to those who are in distraught.

Lastly, I'm taking my nerve racking test on Monday before Halloween, hopefully I don't get a panic attack scream at anyone and everyone and run back home.
Peace and it's good to be back.


Blogger Jenna V said...

uhhhh...let's not tell my mom about the bombing

8:26 PM  

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