Thursday, October 25, 2007

oh gracious

i'm flipping out

test is in 4 days, yet i can't get a good enough grade over the practice tests which is computer based what the hell is happening after all these months of cracking my brain open it's like i didnt at all cracked it open. maaaan i'm flipping out. I dont know what to do i feel like hiding. literally in a closet or something.
oh and some valet parker who seems to be quite spaced out rammed into my thigh with a car, the bumper of the car. was really pissed off and now my knees hurt. how does someone get bumped by a car when i was just standing for goodness sake! so i'm flipping out and now i'm pissed off.

on the good side, jenna's coming and i'm looking forward to joining the csr department of my company soon after this horrid month ends.


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