Thursday, August 21, 2008


defeated yet again another round of olympics go by and we're defeated a-gain.
after 4 years of hardwork, a gazillion years worth of prayers, why do we always end up getting cheated out of victory?
especially during a time when this couldn't come in a better time.
sports. sports is hard sports is fun sports has politics also
those dudes at the sports commission instead of supporting the very few yet determined athletes still manage to squeeze enough corruption that the athletes are left with nothing. why is that? so what if its a hybrid of private and public ownership, isn't there supposed to be some sort of common support needed to give those who are sacrificing so much just for one win?
on a larger scale how can those officials at the (tkd) be so full of b.s. and rob our players of true victory? thats just foul. horrid foul.
2012 we've got to turn this around its not right anymore. we can't keep crying victims.

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Blogger tactiks said...

Yeah, it's a really sad situation for sports here in the Philippines. Just take a look at ULTRA and you'll have an idea...

4:15 AM  

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