Wednesday, May 06, 2009

idiot, moron, huh?

i've attempted to get in touch with my korean roots and actually create a korean mini - homepage. a small attempt to stay in touch with the rest of the hongs out there.

i ended up getting a headache.

there's just way too much stuff going on!
and to create an account you need to verify it with your passport or your license. now thats what you call total control against perverts. awesome but wow what just happened, i'm no pervert???!!!

I think I'm just getting a bit stressed because its stating my full name. Hahaha
But I shall create an account!! no matter what happens right?

Just a quick look back starting January 2009, I've been to Korea 4x this year, went to Singapore to see Coldplay (great concert), went back to Coron, going to China in 2 weeks. I've also gained 5 pounds.


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